Environmental protection

Protecting the natural environment has been a long-term goal of our company. Our effort is to minimize the impact of our activities to the environment and to continuously improve our environmental performance. We are all committed, both management and staff, not only to comply with national and European legislation but also to promote green growth programs to achieve this goal.

Energy footprint

Through the renewal of the equipment, the optimization of the processes and the redesign of products, we contribute decisively to the reduction of the energy footprint of our company.

Indicatively we can mention the following:

  • Use of advanced raw materials that require lower temperatures (less energy) for heat treatment. On average, we have reduced the processing temperatures of raw materials by 15 degrees Celsius. This translates into about 10% less energy demand for heat.
  • With the use of recycled raw materials, we achieve lower greenhouse gas emissions by 65-70% compared to the primary raw materials. This means that by increasing the share of regenerated raw material in our total production, we are helping reduce greenhouse gas emission.
  • For the cooling of the equipment during the production process we use a closed cooling circuit which contributes in our saving energy and water resources.


Zero waste

Our company is aiming in achieving a continuous reduction of the produced waste.

The internal recycling system we use consists of plastic crushers, so that the products discarded from the production process as well as returns from customers or even old items that do not show commercial use, are used 100%. So we practically ensure that we have zero plastic disposal from our production process itself.

Regarding the packaging materials which are used in our premises, both incoming and outgoing, we are managint them in the most formal and appropriate way. More specifically, the first and auxiliary raw materials that we procure, which are packaged in plastic - paper - cardboard - metal, etc., are driven after unpacking and sorting - separation, to certified recyclers who manage them further. All data concerning the types of packaging, the individual quantities and the companies that receive them, are registered in detail and officially in the USA. (Electronic Waste Register).

On the other hand, the packaging of the products that we supply the market (cardboard and plastic) are registered in  Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company and Hellenic Recycling Organization and the corresponding fee is being paid. 

Finally, in the context of the ongoing improvement that we seek at all levels, the company's Environmental Management System conforms with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Environmental management ISO 14001 


Our people

For our company, our people are the driving force and without their contribution we would not be able to progress, evolve and achieve our goals.

Our success is based on the dedication, hard work, creativity and know-how of our people and we recognize that our future development is based on and directly dependents on them.


Education and development

We encourage our people evolution. Our desire is to make the most of their knowledge and skills. We invest in them, give them opportunities and focus on continuing education so that we can all become better.


Employee evaluation

Aiming at the continuous development and maximum utilization of the abilities of our people, we apply a system for evaluating their performance based on objective criteria.


Events for our people

Communication is an important priority for us. High degree of cooperation between the employees, strengthening of the ties between them and the possibility of communication of all with the management of the company on issues concerning the human resources are our priority.


New Year's pie

Every year we organize the New Year's pie cutting to get together and have fun.



We are always looking for hardworking and creative people with integrity, values, professionalism and consistency. If you want to work for our company:

Send us your resume


Quality is our central value and pursuit. It concerns the products we offer our customers as well as the characteristics of all the relevant services (information, service, consistency). It is regulated through technical specifications, regulations and certification of products and / or procedures. Improvement is a daily pursuit and an essential part of our production process.

We use only raw materials, we check our suppliers to meet our strict specifications and we check the incoming materials. In the production process, predetermined stages of control are carried out and for the controls that are not carried out within the company, we cooperate with recognized and certified laboratories.

We implement a Quality Assurance System based on the international Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015 and we also comply with the requirements of the international Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001: 2015.

ISO Certificates / Quality Assurance 




One of the key values ​​of VIOMES is innovation.
The company's Research and Development department analyzes modern trends and monitors technological developments in order to modernize its mechanical equipment, operations and services and expand its range of products by designing and producing new and modern products unique and original in design and use.

So, we are constantly looking for opportunities for better products that give value to users, our business and employees and to our market. To achieve this, we reward experimentation, communication and collaboration between management and employees and look up constant exchange of knowledge and experience.

Social initiatives

With a high sense of social responsibility and a desire to offer, our company has been committed to supporting the socially vulnerable groups who need our help.

So we develop social initiatives:

Donations of products to victims of natural disasters and to vulnerable social groups or charitable associations and institutions that have requested our assistance. We respond to requests for donations of our products from institutions or organizations in the context of supporting and meeting their relevant needs.

Financial support to institutions that carry out important work for children. Indicatively, we mention the Lyreio Children's Foundation and the Voluntary Non-Profit Organizations "Ark of the World" and "The Smile of the Child".

Sponsorships in the context of our company's cooperation with Institutions, Organizations and Services that protect the environment, human life and property. Indicatively, we mention the sponsorship of an air compressor with alternative and simultaneous filling of bottles at Koropi Fire Service.

We strive every year to take more actions, realizing that the operation of our company is indistinguishably linked to society and that we have a responsibility to community and our stakeholders to improve living standards and the well-being of all. After all, these actions are part of the overall framework of our company's Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

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