Vision, mission and values

Οur vision

To be the top and most undisputed choice of our customers by demonstrating business excellence and pursuing the continued growth of the company, always respecting its people, society and the environment.

Our mission

  • The production of innovative, functional, high aesthetics and high quality products
  • To serve our customers and meet their needs in the best possible way
  • To creating value for people, customers and shareholders of the company

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Team Spirit
  • Extroversion
  • Respect


It is based on the following pillars, that align the objectives of the company with the operations:

  • Governance. The administration, functions and policies that guide our behaviors.
  • Culture. The commitment to integrity that guides our decisions.
  • Checks. Processes that ensure integrity into day-to-day operations and prevent any deviations.

Team Spirit

We are proud to work as a team and we work together, supporting each other to achieve common goals, whether as team members or as team leaders. We choose to work as a team, utilizing everyone's skills, ideas and opinions in the best possible way. We all work for the benefit of the company and we all feel equally responsible.


We are constantly searching opportunities for better products that will give value to users, business, employees and the market. To achieve this, we reward experimentation, communication and collaboration between management and employees and seek  continuous exchange of knowledge and experience.


We have an organized business extroversion strategy, not in order to gain temporary benefits, but in order to grow our company and be competitive to the international market.


Quality is our core value and pursuit. It concerns products that we supply the market and all relevant services (information, services, consistency). It is regulated by technical specifications, regulations and product or process certification. Quality control and improvement is an essential part of day to day actions and production processes.


We remain focused on sustainability of our company with respect to

  • people
  • the environment and
  • in society.

Whether it involves our internal processes, either product design and development, or the relationships we develop with partners, suppliers and local communities.