Machining jobs

Machining jobs

Viomes is equipped with modern 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers, CNC lathes and many other conventional and auxiliary machines that gives the company the possibility to implement all kinds of mechanical machining and constructions. The most important are :

DMG-MORI milling machine type DMU 90 P duoBLOCK, of German origin, 5 axis machining, with a 20,000 rpm spindle and work are of 900mm x 1050mm x 850mm.

MECOF milling machine type Airone 165, of Italian origin, 5 axis machining with a 30.000 rpm spindle and work are of 2300mm x 1650mm x 1000mm, and processing capability of 8000 kg/m2 and table with dimensions 2500mm x 1750mm.

ANAYAK milling machine HVM-3300, of Spanish origin with a 5-axis head, work are of 2700mm x 1500mm x 1800mm and processing capability without weight restriction, equipped with a fixed table with dimensions  3300mm x 1500mm and a rotating CNC table with diameter 1000mm.

CNC GIUSEPPE GIANA SPA lathe type GGL 900, of Italian origin with capability to process metals weighing up to 18 tons up to 1440mm diameter and 3000mm length.

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