Social initiatives

Social initiatives

With a high sense of social responsibility and a desire to offer, our company has been committed to supporting the socially vulnerable groups who need our help.

So we develop social initiatives:

Donations of products to victims of natural disasters and to vulnerable social groups or charitable associations and institutions that have requested our assistance. We respond to requests for donations of our products from institutions or organizations in the context of supporting and meeting their relevant needs.

Financial support to institutions that carry out important work for children. Indicatively, we mention the Lyreio Children's Foundation and the Voluntary Non-Profit Organizations "Ark of the World" and "The Smile of the Child".

Sponsorships in the context of our company's cooperation with Institutions, Organizations and Services that protect the environment, human life and property. Indicatively, we mention the sponsorship of an air compressor with alternative and simultaneous filling of bottles at Koropi Fire Service.

We strive every year to take more actions, realizing that the operation of our company is indistinguishably linked to society and that we have a responsibility to community and our stakeholders to improve living standards and the well-being of all. After all, these actions are part of the overall framework of our company's Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

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