Projets indicatifs

Indicative projects

Our company, apart from the production of consumer goods, designs and produces technical products for specialized uses. Typical examples are the following:

In collaboration with a company that has been operating successfully for more than 50 years in the field of production of frozen dough products, we have designed and implemented special requirements utensils for use in their production, requirements that concern detection by both metal and x-rays detectors.

Special additives have been developed, always in collaboration with specialized companies in this field in order for the final product to meet the initial requirement regarding the detection of plastic in food. In addition, the final product had to comply with the requirements for the safety of food contact materials.

So after the design of the product, the mould and the completion of the research to find the suitable raw materials, a number of tests were performed so that the final product meets the customer's requirements but at the same time respects our company's quality policy and safety standards.


We have partnered with a Greek industry that designs and manufactures innovative high-tech products for the electrical protection of telecommunication, energy and infrastructure networks and exports its specialized products worldwide. In collaboration, we designed the necessary part, which is used as a cover for a protection device, made the mould for its production and finally the manufactured the final product. Since then we have been producing the part is being produced exclusively by our company with specific raw materials and controlled conditions in order to ensure the strictest customer specifications.

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